In recent years, chatbots have been used in a variety of fields such as: Banking, Finance, Health, Education… Not out of the race, travel companies have also started applying chatbots to maximize Optimize revenue and bring the best experience to customers.

Imagine a tool that works 24/7, understands your personal preferences, speaks your language, and guides you every step of the way. From the bustling streets of Ho Chi Minh to the peaceful scenes of Da Nang, these chatbots become your travel “wizards”, turning each trip into a journey that is not just an itinerary but also a journey. is an unforgettable experience.

Make personalized recommendations for each customer

Specifically, the chatbot makes suggestions based on asking and analyzing the user’s answers about important factors such as budget, desired destination, and available time. These suggestions are not limited to choosing hotels, but also include discounted promotional packages and interesting activities for visitors to experience.

In the hotel industry, chatbots not only provide basic information such as room rates, room types, and amenities, but also assist customers in making quick decisions. Instead of having to spend a lot of time searching on websites or “review” groups, customers can easily search and choose according to their wishes through chatbots.

According to the experience of Marriott, the leading travel business in Vietnam, integrating chatbots into business operations has brought positive results. The number of monthly visitors has increased by up to 85%, proving the power of chatbots in providing personalized and convenient services to users. This not only helps businesses save time but also significantly enhances customer interaction and experience.

Supports easy scheduling and payment

With the goal of increasing customer conversion rates, the booking and payment feature right in the chatbot has become an effective solution integrated by many tourism businesses.

In the past, the room, flight, or tour process often required customers to fill out complicated forms on a website. However, the current trend is to replace this process with simple operations directly on messaging platforms such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, Zalo, helping to optimize and simplify the user experience.

Once the customer has completed the booking process, the chatbot immediately navigates them to the “Checkout” page. Here, customers can conveniently choose the appropriate payment method and provide other necessary information. The payment process is significantly simplified, providing convenience and speed.

Customer care

The ability to care for customers 24/7 without interruption due to lack of manpower, holidays, or different business hours. Thanks to chatbots, basic customer requests can be resolved easily and quickly, without time constraints.

In particular, in tasks such as rescheduling flights and changing hotel rooms, AI chatbots demonstrate the ability to handle problems quickly with high accuracy. This reduces pressure on customer service and provides a convenient and efficient experience for end users.

According to data from Juniper Research published in 2017, with savings of about $0.7 per customer interaction, chatbots are expected to bring savings of up to $8,000,000 to businesses by 2022. This is a major economic benefit, along with improved business performance and serviceability.

Hekate AI Chatbot
The best Chatbot building platform today

Hekate AI has made an important contribution to the tourism industry by consulting and deploying chatbots for more than 1,000 customers, including the public sector (Chatbot Danang Fantasticity) and private businesses. This is a big step forward marking the effectiveness of Hekate AI’s chatbot solution in providing the best service and experience for tourists.

  1. Natural conversation: Equipped with Vietnamese Natural Language Processing technology, Hekate AI Chatbot can understand customer intentions, give more appropriate and intelligent answers over time after being used. train.
  2. Multi-channel deployment: Easily integrate with available internal information portals and popular conversation platforms such as: Website, Facebook Messenger, Zalo…
  3. Easy to use: The bot interface has a simple design with drag and drop operations, easy customization, no need to be an engineer or coder, anyone can build a chatbot themselves

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