Progress in the field of training and personnel development has been clearly noted. The teaching process becomes more creative and engaging thanks to the emergence of AI

Virtual medical assistants have become an important solution, providing opportunities for the provision of remote support, from professionals to healthcare providers and patients.

AI hiện là công nghệ cốt lõi xuất hiện trong hầu hết các ngành công nghiệp và định hình lại cách chúng ta sống và làm việc. Có tiềm năng cao trong việc khai thác giá trị của dữ liệu

After 8 years of development, Hekate has made many contributions to the development of technology and practical applications of Artificial Intelligence in life; For example, applying AI to smart cities.

The value of artificial intelligence (AI) is not limited to the industrial and consumer products sectors, but also opens up a new dimension in the public sector.

AI has a major impact on the healthcare industry, driven by advances in Machine Learning algorithms, better data access, hardware, and the spread of 5G.