Artificial intelligence has played a very prominent and recent role. The term has become much more popular due to advances not only in the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning but also in people’s lives. And how has AI had a positive economic, social and environmental impact?

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The importance of artificial intelligence

One of the most important benefits of AI is its ability to automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks, freeing up humans to focus on more complex and creative work. AI can also analyze large amounts of data quickly and accurately, providing insights and predictions that humans cannot generate on their own. This ability has led to significant advances in fields such as healthcare, finance, education and transportation.

Impact of artificial intelligence on economy and society

AI economic impact

In transportation and logistics, AI and ML are used to drive Smart City initiatives. Automakers are developing semi-autonomous vehicles; In fact, fully autonomous vehicles such as buses and taxis are already a part of daily life in some countries. Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-City is an example, with the application of autonomous transportation such as self-driving buses and increased intelligent traffic control.

Similarly, the UAE is said to be one of the most advanced countries when it comes to staying ahead of emerging technology. TXAI, an automated taxi initiative deployed on Abu Dhabi’s Yas Island, demonstrates how the country is advancing the transportation ecosystem with autonomous vehicles

AI impact in society

The recent pandemic will always be remembered as the deadliest pandemic in modern history. But more than that, it has changed the world in ways we never imagined possible in such a short period of time. The healthcare industry in particular is rapidly leveraging technology and AI in the wake of the pandemic to improve patient care by developing ways to ensure the most effective means to care for patients and help them treated within a shorter time frame.

From using AI to aid in patient diagnosis to studying the effectiveness of new drugs, hospital processes, and even improving the patient-doctor experience, AI is truly accelerating operations. healthcare in unprecedented ways.

“By 2027, 70% of healthcare organizations will rely on digital-first strategies, interoperable workflows, and consumer data platforms to empower patients, improve experience and build trust.

According to IDC Futurescape: Worldwide Healthcare Industry 2023

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A&T has partnered with Hekate to create VIVID (Virtual Violations Detectors), a virtual assistant that uses artificial intelligence to automatically track advertising violations across cross-border platforms to support Decree enforcement No. 70/2021/ND-CP to meet the roadmap for building e-government.

VIVID was developed to become a practical virtual assistant for inspectors of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Information and Communications. After the pilot process, VIVID helped the Ministry of Health inspectors detect violations of milk advertising on Facebook and websites, saving a lot of manpower and automating the process of identifying violations. Hopefully, with the data and work that VIVID is doing every day, it will partly fulfill the goals set by the government and contribute to protecting the sustainable development of Vietnamese children.

See more: Virtual Assistant Solution Detects Violations of Milk Advertising for Pregnant Women and Children Under 24 Months Old

công ty trí tuệ nhân tạo


These outstanding examples are just a small part of the possibilities that Artificial Intelligence offers to enhance industries and shape a promising future for future generations. However, to truly change the world through the power of Artificial Intelligence, everyone involved needs to have a spirit of cooperation and comprehensive development of the industry system. This includes overcoming industry boundaries and expanding opportunities to share data, applications and even expertise. By working together, we can face challenges that once seemed impossible, building a better future for everyone.

Hekate – With more than 8 years of experience in the field of artificial intelligence, we are committed to deploying AI responsibly in the public sector and creating practical values. Provides a seamless, efficient, and responsible approach to deploying AI across a variety of environments.

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