Albaba and Amazon are two of the world’s tech giants competing to rule the global in artificial intelligence (AI). These businesses are leaders in AI and use it to deliver top-tier goods and services. Here are some of the most effective instances of businesses use artificial intelligence to improve their business.


The largest e-commerce site in the world, operated by the Chinese corporation Alibaba, sells more goods than both Amazon and eBay put together. Alibaba uses artificial intelligence (AI) extensively in its day-to-day operations to forecast potential client buying trends. The business automatically creates product descriptions for the website using natural language processing. Alibaba’s City Brain project, which aims to build smart cities, is another instance of how it employs artificial intelligence. By keeping track of every car in the city, the project uses AI algorithms to assist in easing traffic congestion. Additionally, Alibaba is using artificial intelligence to assist farmers in agricultural monitoring in order to increase yield and lower expenses through its cloud computing business, Alibaba Cloud.


Amazon is not only a player in the artificial intelligence space thanks to its virtual assistant – Alexa, but artificial intelligence is also present in many facets of the company’s operations. Amazon employs artificial intelligence in a novel way by sending you items before you ever consider purchasing them. They gather a lot of information about each person’s purchasing patterns and are confident in the way the information they gather enables them to offer products to their consumers and, more recently, predict what they will need even before they do, using predictive analytics. Amazon Go is a new convenience store idea offered by America’s largest e-tailer at a time when many brick and mortar retailers are battling to stay relevant. Unlike other retailers, Amazon doesn’t have to checkout process necessary. Through the Amazon Go app on your phone, the businesses’ artificial intelligence systems track the products you pick up and automatically bill you for them. You just load your own bags with goods, and cameras follow your every step to identify each item you place in your bag so that you can be charged for it. 

To keep up with the global digital transformation trend, big Vietnamese brands have also started implementing AI implementation strategies in their business models. By partnering with technology companies, businesses can easily apply artificial intelligence to deliver high efficiency and outstanding productivity.

Toyota Finance Vietnam Company Limited (TFSVN)

Toyota Finance Vietnam Company Limited (TFSVN) is a 100% foreign-owned financial company invested by Toyota Finance Corporation (TFC), a member of Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFSC). Chatbot is just one of the efforts in the digital transformation process for businesses that TFSVN is implementing. Chatbot cannot replace humans but is a practical assistant, automating many complex processes into simple operations. By deploying chatbots, TFSVN has effectively taken care of customers while employees still have plenty of time to do other work, improving productivity and customer service experience. Chatbot solutions by Hekate support TFSVN in many aspects: automate swift customer care, perform the registration process directly on the chatbot, synchronize information and remarketing customers effectively. specifically, more than10000 messages to the chatbot every month, 90% customers are satisfied with the quality of service experience, 80% freed up time for the consulting work of supporting staffs and the information seeking process of customers.

Masterise Homes

Masterise Homes – a member of the Masterise Group, is a pioneering international real estate developer applying global standards to the development, operation, and management of real estate products and services in Vietnam and the world. Masterise Homes has applied a decentralized chatbot management system to take care of customers effectively and manage internal messages more conveniently. Masterise Homes has cooperated with Hekate to build a chatbot management and authorization system for brand’s Facebook Fanpage so that employees can easily find information about documents and policy more accurately and quickly. With that desire, a decentralized message management system was built to collect customer information as soon as the customer interacts with the Fanpage, then decentralize sales staff to support their needs. In addition, Masterise Homes has applied a chatbot management system to search for internal employee information; employees and consultants can quickly look up official business documents via Chatbot directly and proactively.


After the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Coca-Cola realized that consumer habits were gradually changing, and customers switched heavily to online shopping instead of keeping up with traditional ways. Therefore, Coca-Cola has applied the transformation of its B2C model to bring Coca-Cola products directly to consumers through social networks and the Internet. Hekate Technology Joint Stock Company has integrated the Shopping feature right on Coca-Cola’s chatbot. By doing this, customers can easily communicate and order products directly on the chatbot without the inference of any other intermediary channels. For example, to create an order, customers only need to choose the product and quantity and press the order button; the order will be delivered to them immediately. Although it has only recently applied to order and delivery in Ho Chi Minh City, the chatbot has achieved more success. This is the first step in digital transformation efforts and creating innovative sales channels to make Coca-Cola’s journey in spreading joy and happiness to customers more effortless, convenient, and faster.

Aside from these, AI is also changing a wide range of in the entertainment, political, sporting, and every other industries you can imagine. This technology, which is only at its beginning, is the wave of the future.

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