Building A Healthy And Safe City For Vietnamese Children And Young People

Developing a digital platform to prevent and respond to violence against children, as well as protect and promote their mental health and psychosocial well-being

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Unicef Viet Nam

UNICEF Viet Nam is one of more than 190 United Nations Children’s Fund offices globally and part of the United Nations system in Vietnam, working closely with all UN agencies. Guided by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, UNICEF has a shared mission to promote and protect the rights of all children everywhere – especially those most underserved and most at risk. For UNICEF, all children have the right to exist, develop, and reach their full potential for a better world.


Protect Vietnamese Children

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A UNICEF report indicates that one-fifth of children and young people in Viet Nam have been victims of cyberbullying and harassment by their peers. However, three-quarters do not know where to look for help.

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With the financial support of Foundation Botnar, UNICEF has accompanied Da Nang to this city become one of the leading ‘Healthy Cities for Adolescents’ in Vietnam through engagement with key stakeholders, including youth and children, and innovative technology in addressing the city’s problems within the Child-Friendly Cities Initiative framework.

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UNICEF’s Child Protection Program will support the Da Nang Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs (DOLISA) to raise youth awareness of the risks of child abuse and increase their knowledge on online problem-solving skills, offline safety concerns, mental health, and psychosocial well-being through partnerships with youth-led organizations, technology startups and private sector partners to co-create related digital communication modules and materials.

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Digital Platform For Children And Youth

Hekate has developed a digital platform for youth on violence against children, mental health, and psychosocial support. This digital platform can become a children-parent engagement platform where they can comfortably interact with each other. Hekate hopes to create a place where children have the right to speak their minds. In addition, parents can read their children’s thoughts to understand their children better, thereby finding ways to protect and talk to them more frequently. The platform will combine 3 elements of sharing, caring, and learning so that children do not feel lonely and lost in their problems.

Key Elements

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Children can easily share their stories anonymously, especially about violence and sexual abuse issues. Children only need to register with a phone number or email; the administrator will identify and protect the child when necessary.

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Parents and professionals can protect their children by responding to stories with positive words of encouragement and the right advice to help children not feel lost and acknowledge that they have been cared for.

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Through this website, experts can teach children how to protect themselves and equip them with the knowledge to recognize bad influencers or detect improper behaviors, thus improving children's mental health.


The Value We Create

90 %

Attendees Appreciate The Platform

The platform presents information on real-life and social media incidents of violence, mental health, and psychosocial support needs.

20 %

Young Attendees Exchanged And Shared

Many opinions on the platform's form, content, and operation have been actively contributed.

10 %

Youth Volunteering To Participate

Management, operation support, and help for children and young people to operate on this platform.

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