Chatbot - An Effective Assistant In Building Relationships With Customers

TFSVN aims to provide convenient and suitable financial products to Customers and Manufacturer’s Authorized Dealers. In addition, TFSVN wishes to create an automated chatbot system to solve the shortage of personnel and shorten the waiting time of customers.


Toyota Finance Vietnam Co., Ltd

Toyota Finance Vietnam Company Limited (TFSVN) is a 100% foreign-owned financial company invested by Toyota Finance Corporation (TFC), a member of Toyota Financial Services Corporation (TFSC).

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Chatbot Solution Supporting TFSVN

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Automate Swift Customer Care

Create a set of frequently asked questions that teach the chatbot to respond to customers in easy-to-understand language. If the user has not responded yet, the chatbot automatically sends a notification to the customer support agent’s email to help create natural conversations and address their needs.

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Perform The Registration Process Directly On The Chatbot

Help customers apply for loans, look up records, and apply for insurance directly with simple operations. All registered user information will be instantly displayed on the management system for staff to check, carry out procedures, and create information records.

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Synchronize Information

Build APIs that integrate features from the website and display them on chatbots, such as loan calculation, and loan product suggestions, ensuring that customers can fully use TFSVN’s features on any device. The website is also integrated with a chatbot so that users can quickly look up inquiries when accessing the website.

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Remarketing Customer Effectively

Sending promotional announcements, product information, and services to all customers simultaneously, automatically replying to comments on fanpages – the most accessible channel to collect user opinions. Through the data collected from the chatbot, TFSVN can develop appropriate marketing strategies, fill out precisely users’ psychological needs, and create the best customer experience journey.


The Value We Create

10000 +

Messages To The Chatbot Every Month

90 %

Customers Are Satisfied With The Quality Of Service Experience

80 %

Freed Up Time For The Consulting Work Of Supporting Staffs And The Information Seeking Process Of Customers

The Potential Of Chatbots

Chatbot is just one of the efforts in the digital transformation process for businesses that TFSVN is implementing. Chatbot cannot replace humans but is a practical assistant, automating many complex processes into simple operations. By deploying chatbots, TFSVN has effectively taken care of customers while employees still have plenty of time to do other work, improving productivity and customer service experience.

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