The Virtual Assistant To Help Automatically Manage Orders And Take Care Of Customers

Silkroad has cooperated with Hekate to integrate a chatbot to its Zalo Official Account page to take care of customers and manage orders more effectively.

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Silkroad Vina JSC

SILKROAD VINA JSC is the second overseas subsidiary of SILKROAD C&T, built in the South of Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh City). Besides SILKROAD HANOI JSC, SILKROAD aims to lead the Asian market, including Vietnam, by providing differentiated technologies and taking care of customer satisfaction.

Along with the momentum of development, more and more customers from other fields such as material distribution, construction, and architecture have been cooperating with Silkroad in architectural and construction projects to save consulting time. Customers also easily search for construction materials and perform other search and point exchange procedures. As a bonus, Silkroad has applied a chatbot to its Zalo Official Account (OA) page to take care of customers and manage orders more effectively.


Automated Messaging And Ordering System On Zalo OA

Silkroad desires to have an automated messaging and ordering system on Zalo OA to bring professionalism to each customer experience right from the first contact. In addition, the system also improves the time to receive and process orders and saves time when advising customers.

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The Partnership Aiming To Build And Integrate The Chatbot Into The Zalo Official Account Page

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SILKROAD cooperates with Hekate to build and integrate the chatbot into the Zalo Official Account page to introduce product lines and optimally support customer care and sales, including promotions and a reward point accumulation program per month.

After registering to become a member of SILKROAD, customers will receive welcome bonuses for new users and receive incentives with their first orders.

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Customers can order and choose a delivery time directly through SILKROAD’s Zalo OA page 24/7 without talking to a sales staff. In addition, customers can also register to redeem reward points from orders with shopping vouchers from well-known chain stores such as Dienmayxanh, Vinmart, etc.


The Value We Create

After 3 months from the integration date of the automatic messaging and ordering system into the Zalo OA page, all 100% of Silkroad’s orders on the Zalo Official Account are received and processed through the messaging and order handling management system. As a result, SILKROAD has created a great professional impression with customers right from the first messages. No need to waste time contacting a sales consultant, customers can now actively place orders and receive more incentives thanks to the chatbot system that supports automated messages and order management.

20 %

Number Of New Customers Increasing Every Month

100 %

Orders On Zalo OA Are Processed And Received Via Chatbot

50 %

Of The Workload Is Offloaded

60 %

Of Customers Are Satisfied With Interacting With Chatbots

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