(Natural Language Understanding - NLU)

Derive insights from unstructured text using Machine Learning


In-depth text analysis with machine learning technology helps extract, analyze and store text.


Train high-quality machine learning models without lines of code.


Apply natural language understanding to applications with natural language APIs.


Main Features

Syntax Analysis

Extract tokens and sentences, identify parts of speech, and create a dependency parse tree for each sentence.

Point of View Analysis

Understand general opinions, feelings, or attitudes expressed in a block of text.

Entity Analysis

Identify entities in documents - including receipts, invoices, and label them by type such as date, person.

Content Classification

Analyze the document and produce a list of content categories that apply to the text found in the document.

User cases

Chatbot/Virtual Assistant

NLU understands the meaning of user input data. Primarily focusing on machine reading comprehension, NLU requires chatbots to understand the meaning of text content. NLU is the understanding of given text and classifying it into appropriate groups of ideas.

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